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Falls Prevention Programme

Fall-related injuries are more common among older persons and are a major cause of pain, disability and loss of independence. In the UK 700,000 older people attend A&E every year following a fall; the financial costs are substantial and increasing. If an older person falls and breaks their hip it costs the NHS approximately £25,000 to restore that person's functional ability. Falls in older age also have serious repercussions on the lives of family and friends.

A Falls Prevention Program can be key to enabling an older client with a history of falls to maintain their independence and reduced and avoid further falls. It can also be used for a client who wishes to reduced the potential for falls.

Our eight-week Falls Prevention Programme is a successful addition to the range of services we now provide, and of course we provide ongoing advice for clients that reflects changes in their circumstances.

The OT Practice Falls Prevention Programme©

Falling over is a major cause of disability in the UK, with around half of falls resulting in significant injury leading to reduced confidence, social isolation and increased fragility.

However, many falls are easily preventable with a few adjustments around the home, along with physical activity to increase strength and balance.

The OT Practice offers a six-week Falls Prevention Programme, all conducted within the home, to reduce the risk of falling while increasing mobility and confidence, including:

Thorough and detailed reports will be provided after each assessment.

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