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Bsc (hons) Occupational Therapy

Specialist skills

Blue Badges / Mobility Assessments, PIPs, Motivational issues, Routine planning, Daily living skills, Community access, Fine motor skills, Self care, Anxiety management & relaxation

Jodie is an Occupational Therapist with over 10 years of experience. She is currently based in Sheffield and offers holistic assessments and interventions for clients across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire including Doncaster, Leeds, Huddersfield, and Bradford. Jodie specialises in Rehabilitation, Housing & Equipment, and Moving & Handling supporting those with various physical and cognitive needs.

Utilising the expertise she developed in hospital and social care environments, Jodie can provide environmental assessments, review transfers/functional abilities, and deliver rehabilitation. She can also help with falls preventions, providing holistic home visits to review fall history and to determine further input. Jodie draws upon her experience working in elderly care, supporting with equipment provisions, capacity assessment and best interest decision-making, referral for home support, and the assessment for 24-hour care or onward referral. Jodie also has a particular interest in Dementia and has presented a research poster about what makes a Dementia Friendly Environment at national and international conferences.

Throughout her career, Jodie has developed her skills through practical experience, research, expert supervision, and attending courses relevant to her sector. This has enabled her to develop excellent clinical reasoning skills necessary when assessing and treating patients with very complex needs and giving an expert opinion to other professionals, clients, carers, and family members.

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