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MSc Occupational Therapy

Specialist skills

DFG Assessments, Blue Badges / Mobility Assessments, Fatigue management, Daily living skills, Self care, Postural management

Meera is an Occupational Therapist based in North London, specialising in Moving & Handling, and Housing & Equipment, and Rehabilitation. She visits clients in their own environment across London, Berkshire, Hampshire, and Hertfordshire. Meera has experience treating clients with long term neurological conditions, as well as supporting older adults and end of life care.

She completes detailed assessments with her clients using a variety of approaches, including using the Goal Attainment Scale (GAS) to meet goals and record an individual’s intervention. She aims to optimise their function in meaningful activities and promote quality of life.

Treating her clients at home, Meera will involve family members and carers to ensure that they are appropriately trained and that intervention can continue when Meera is not there. This includes providing moving and handling plans, specifically offering advice on positioning and complex equipment, aiming to improve her client’s independence at home and in the community.

Meera is just one of our nationwide network of therapists.

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