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What is Occupational Therapy?

British Association of Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists (OTs) work to break down the barriers which hold back individuals in carrying out their day to day activities.

OTs not only look at the physical effects of ageing, injury or disease, but also address the psycho-social, community and environmental factors that influence functional ability.

An OT will try to find out why you cannot do what you would like or need to do and, depending on your situation, an OT may assess the following areas:

  • What you can and cannot do physically e.g. your strength, coordination and balance

  • What you can and cannot do mentally e.g. your memory, organisation skills and coping strategies

  • What materials you need to participate in the occupation e.g. assistive technology, furniture, cooking utensils, clothes and computers

  • The social and emotional support available to you in your home, school, work and community

  • The environment you are having difficulty in e.g. home, school, work or community

What does OT mean to our clients?

We asked a few of our clients to tell their story. Hear about their experience finding A New Normal in our video series and discover first hand what OT really is.

Problems we solve

We provide practical solutions to difficulties. Here we have selected some of the more common problems we see to illustrate how we can help.

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Specialist areas

Our OTs are experts in their field. Here we provide specific information about each of the eight specialist areas we cover and introduce you to some of our OTs.

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Our approach

Our goal is to make our client independent of us as soon as possible, not dependant on us. Find out more about our approach to clinical care.

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