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Initial Consultation Service for parents

If you are unsure about the right pathway to take and concerned about the cost of an OT assessment, then our initial video consultation may be a helpful starting point.

Why use the Initial Consultation Service

If you are unsure about the right pathway to take and concerned about the cost of an OT assessment, then our initial video consultation may be a helpful starting point. Our initial paediatric consultation service has been created for parents or carers simply seeking some practical advice from a specialist paediatric OT and to gain confidence about the right next steps.

Consultations are up to 1 hour over the phone or by video using Teams or Zoom, followed up with a written summary by the OT of what has been discussed.

Whilst a consultation is not a substitute for a full assessment, where appropriate our OT will discuss strategies and programs that can be immediately implemented by yourself or your child's school. It maybe that the day-to-day difficulties that a child is experiencing, could to varying extents, be managed through practical advice to parents or schools. During the consultation, our paediatric OT will discuss with you whether this is an appropriate and sufficient alternative option to a full assessment, and if not, explain what a full assessment would provide to ensure you are well informed to decide on next steps.

Why we have created our initial video consultation service for parent and carers:

  • We appreciate the cost of an OT assessment can be daunting and we want to offer a more widely accessible starting point
  • If you are unsure of what an OT assessment will provide, to ensure you are well informed and give you confidence to proceed with a full assessment if appropriate
  • If possible, immediately give you some practical and actionable advice and/or programs you can implement yourself or at school.
  • Because it is delivered remotely, we can draw on our entire nationwide network to ensure there is no waiting for availability and we are not constrained by location to provide you with access to some of the very best paediatric OTs in the UK.

Can we help?

Call us on 0330 024 9910 to discuss your circumstances and find out more about our Initial Consultation Service for parents.

Next steps


Call 0330 024 9910, email the office team at to request an Initial Consultation Service quote.

Referral & Initial Contact

Once we have recieved and reviewed your referral and confirmed the Initial Consultation Service is an appropriate next step, we will allocate a paediatric Occupational Therapist for the consultation. At this point we will raise an invoice for you.

Remote consultation

On receipt of payment, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for the consultation. Our OT will provide you with details of the video meeting, including a link to the Teams or Zoom call. They will also notify you of any preparation tasks you may need to complete to ensure maximum benefit from the consultation time.

Summary write up

After the consultation the OT will summarise in writing what has been discussed and any advice given, including details of any recommendations they made. We aim to send this to you within 48 hours.

What should I expect during the consultation?

  • The initial consultation provides up to one hour with the OT during which the therapist will discuss your concerns to better understand what strengths and challenges might be present.
  • If possible and appropriate your child can also be present on all, or some of the call. This can help the OT to observe any particular activities to help inform any advice, or ask further questions directly.
  • We understand that engagement with the therapist and process can vary among children, so as an alternative if you already have video footage or pictures of any activities these can be shared with the therapist to help illustrate your concerns if you wish.
  • The OT will prepare a brief summary report following the consultation to outline what was discussed and any onward recommendations.
  • We aim to have this with you via email as soon as possible following the consultation and usually within 48 hours.

What you will need

  1. A desktop, tablet on smart phone capable of running a Teams video call. If you do not have the app installed, you can still use Teams via a link you will be sent in your invite.
  2. A stable internet connectivity to be able to use Teams.
  3. A private, quiet environment in which the call be conducted without you being overheard by others.
  4. The email invite to the video consultation from the OT Practice that will contain the link to your online meeting. You should be able to access the Teams meeting via this link without the need to install any applications or additional software.

If specfically requested, we will do our best to accomodate other video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. We have chosen Teams because it is:

  • an established platform that is already widely used in healthcare for video consultations;
  • is easy to use;
  • works across all devices;
  • is secure and data compliant.