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Working with Local education authorities

Our team of skilled children's OTs regularly provide assessments and treatment on behalf of LEAs. Whether this has been recommended in an EHCP or Statement, or requested by a school as additional support, our team provide prompt and focused services to ensure each child receives the highest standard of care.

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Why use The OT Practice?

We understand the importance of a prompt, reliable and high quality service when it comes to choosing occupational therapists to deliver services to education providers. We offer:

  • An office-based paediatric client manager who is also an experienced OT, as a single point of contact to manage your referalls and ongoing cases
  • Transparent, fixed fees per assessment which are inclusive of travel costs
  • The largest nationwide network of private children's occupational therapists in the UK, all with at least five years' post-qualification experience covering all clinical specialisms
  • A strict selection, interview and registration process for OT Practice therapists to guarantee only the highest standard of care
  • Timely, comprehensive reports quality-assured by our client manager before delivery
  • A secure project management system, with client access allowing you to monitor progress and performance

OT Practice Kids

OT Practice Kids provides expert children's occupational therapy through a nationwide network of skilled paediatric therapists. We provide assessments and treatment to children at home or school, working with parents, schools, local education authorities and case managers to deliver tailored services to each child. Your call will be answered by our in-house paediatric client manager, who has more than two decades' experience working with children as a senior OT and will support you throughout your involvement with us.


Assessments & reviews

Our team regularly help children and young people for whom occupational therapy forms part of their EHCP or Statement of Special Needs. Assessments and annual reviews can take place at school or home, and recommendations made to the LEA, school and parents.

Tribunal packages

Assessments and reports for educational tribunals, both scheduled and at short notice, are a service that we provide to LEAs throughout the UK. Our reports are independent, comprehensive and centred on the educational needs of the individual child.

Our approach to working with LEA's

Having worked with LEAs for many years we have gained an excellent understanding of their occupational therapy needs and have tailored our services to match. There are three elements we have identified that are key to delivering exceptional service to the education sector.

Our client managers

From your initial enquiry to discharge you will have an experienced, office based paediatric OT as your point of contact to manage your cases and ensure quality, consistency and timeliness. Firstly they will aim to fully understand the needs for each case and recommend how to proceed base on sound clinical knowledge, working with you to select the most appropriate OT in our team to provide care.

Our processes & systems

We manage hundreds of cases at any one time and have many OTs working in the community working with children and young people, so ensuring every case runs smoothly requires dependable processes and systems. We have refined our processes and invested in bespoke systems to provide the foundation to The OT Practice operations, always ensuring the experience for our clients is enhanced not encumbered by any processes or systems we use.

Our nationwide team of therapists

We have the largest team of private OT’s in the UK and all passed a strict selection, interview & registration process to ensure we only have the best therapists on our team. Clinical skills and experience are essential, but to become an OT Practice therapist our team members must demonstrate a track record of professionalism and the right attitude to customer service, as well as having an energetic and innovative approach.

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Next steps

Initial consultation

When you first contact us you will speak to a dedicated, office-based paediatric client mananger who is also an experienced children's occupational therapist. Our client manager will be seek a full underatanding of your circumstances in order locate the right OT for your location and requirements. They will then become your ongoing point-of-contact with the Practice for the duration of our involvement, to ensure consistency in communication for each case.


Once our client manager has established your needs, you would then be sent a quotation detailing the actions we propose and the associated fee. All our fees are fixed, transparent and inclusive of travel costs.


Once you have had time to consider the options and costs, and if you would like to proceed, the next step would be our online referral form. Of course, if you would like guidance on completing the form, or if you have any other questions at that time, our client manager will always be available to assist.


Both full and review Assessments on behalf of LEAs usually take place at school, but can also be carried out at home if required, and always with the consent of parents or guardians.

Report & recommendations

Our assessment reports are comprehensive and high quality. We explain the difficulties facing each child in a professional, comprehensive and jargon-free way, with clear recommendations on what can be done to address them.


If treatment is recommended, or forms part of an existing EHCP or Statement of Special Needs, then this will be fully itemised in the quotation at the outset. On approval, we can then deliver support at school with a minimum of disruption to the child's participation in the curriculum.

Supplier agreements

If your team are likely to make multiple referrals then we would be happy to discuss how you might benefit from a more structured Service Level Agreement and to establish if there is any scope for volume discounts.

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Our client’s experience

Tahira’s daughter Safiyah was diagnosed with Autism at an early age. The diagnosis altered the family’s path and led to her being referred to us for OT support. The OT Practice Paediatrics team worked with her family to understand and achieve their goals.

Hear from Tahira how OT helped her family

Commonly asked questions by local education authorities

We have children whose Statement or EHCP includes occupational therapy. Can you provide this?

We regularly provide occupational therapy to children and young people for such reasons, either at home or school.

Find out more about our paediatric service and how our OT’s can help.

How will we be charged for your services?

We send invoices for work completed at the end of each monthly period, which are subject to our standard payment terms of 30 days.

Do you liaise with school and parents?

Yes, we prioritise communication between all parties. Having first gained the consent from the parent or guardian, we ensure regular updates and reviews take place between ourselves, the child, school and home.

Can you see children at school?

Yes, most of our work for LEA's involves treating children in school time. We can also see a child at home if this is required and approved by the LEA.

Can you attend reviews?

Yes, our team are happy to attend reviews and professional meetings as required. We would let you know the cost for this for you to approve in advance.

Do you see children in the holidays?

The work commissioned by LEA's is generally for education provision and so this would need to be delivered in school time. However if this was desired then we would happily accommodate seeing a child over the holiday period.

Are your therapists DBS checked?

Yes, our therapists all have enhanced DBS clearance and are fully HCPC registered.

Find out more about our therapists and how we maintain the quality of our network.