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Our latest update on COVID-19

Whilst the pandemic has certainly presented some challenges, we have also seen some surprising positives for the practice and our clients. Quite unexpectedly, but rather wonderfully, some of our clients have blossomed through the flexibility, freedom and control that remote intervention offers. Additionally, our clients have benefitted from being able to access our entire nationwide network, not just those in their locality. This has been especially useful when specific skills and training are required, but also where our therapists in a particularly area are very busy, we have been able to draw on team members from further afield to avoid delays, with no additional travel costs.

We, like many others have learned the importance of challenging the status quo and that sometimes through adversity, an opportunity for growth and development presents itself.

As restrictions lift and face to face visits may proceed in certain circumstances, we have introduced a more fluid model that encompasses both remote and face to face support.

All referrals are clinically screened and risk assessed to identify the most appropriate model of delivery for the client and their individual circumstances.

More detail on how referrals are manged and the most update to date information, in line with the latest government guidance, can be found in our Policy for Clinical Delivery During COVID-19.

The landscape for community based occupational therapy has changed, possibly forever and likely for the better. What was rather daunting at the beginning of the pandemic, has now become our new normal. With this evolution of how are delivering our services, we aim to ensure that all clients now have the opportunity access to the care they need.

We would like to extend a thank you to our clients and commissioners for your support and collaboration in finding the best solution for each client. Together, our agility and solution focused approach has ensured that our shared clients continue to receive the highest level of clinical care without compromise on their journeys to independence.

Nikki Thompson Founder & Executive Director