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Latest Update from The Team

Over the past few months all of the team here at The OT Practice have adapted to our ‘new normal’. We have been successfully delivering remote assessments and treatment sessions to a wide range of clients, of all ages and in all sorts of different scenarios.

Whilst lock down certainly presented some challenges, we have also seen some surprising positives for the practice and our clients. Quite unexpectedly, but rather wonderfully, some of our clients have blossomed through the flexibility, freedom and control that remote intervention offers. Additionally, our clients have benefitted from being able to access our entire nationwide network, not just those in their locality. This has been especially useful when specific skills and training are required, but also where our therapists in a particularly area are very busy, we have been able to draw on team members from further afield to avoid delays, with no additional travel costs.

We, like many others have learned the importance of challenging the status quo and that sometimes through adversity, an opportunity for growth and development presents itself.

As the lockdown rules ease and restrictions lift, we are now moving into another phase of service delivery by reinstating face to face visits in certain circumstances and introducing a more fluid model that encompasses both remote and face to face support.

All referrals are clinically screened and risk assessed to identify the most appropriate model of delivery for the client and their individual circumstances. There is more detail here in our Policy for Clinical Delivery During COVID-19 on how referrals are managed.

Remote appointments

Remote interventions will remain our first option, given that it is currently the only way that we can eliminate the risk of COVID-19 transfer entirely. A ‘remote first’ approach means we will recommend this model of delivery, where we can establish remote intervention is suitable and we believe we can achieve a comparable or better outcome than face to face. The team has learnt many lessons for delivering remote assessments and treatment sessions over the past few months. We now have a well-trained and experienced therapy team of both adult and paediatric occupational therapists who have adapted well and are accomplished at this model of delivery.

Face to face appointments

Whereas at the beginning of the lockdown, we only conducted face to face visits for clients in emergency situations, we are now delivering face to face visits for clients who are not suitable for remote intervention and would like to be seen in person. This means for those people who previously were not suitable for remote intervention, we do now have an alternative option, pending an individual risk assessment. Our Occupational Therapists will be operating under our guidelines and recommended precautions including single use PPE.

Our office team

Our office team are working remotely and through the wonders of technology and a robust Business Continuity Plan, continue to provide a seamless service. We are receiving enquiries and referrals as normal through our usual methods of phone (0330 024 9910) and email ( or the relevant individual mail address).

Appointments for children with EHCP’s

Where a child has an EHCP and is being home schooled, we are able to deliver interventions remotely or in their own home to maintain therapeutic input and progress towards goals.

The landscape for community based occupational therapy has changed, possibly forever and likely for the better. What was rather daunting a few months ago, has now become our new normal. With this most recent evolution of how are delivering our services, we aim to ensure that all clients now have the opportunity access to the care they need.

We would like to extend a thank you to our clients and commissioners for your support and collaboration in finding the best solution for each client. Together, our agility and solution focused approach has ensured that our shared clients continue to receive the highest level of clinical care without compromise on their journeys to independence.

Nikki Thompson Founder & Executive Director

Remote services

Through recent experience we know when remote assessments & intervention are likely to achieve positive therapeutic outcomes. We will assess clients for suitability and where appropriate we will deliver care remotely.

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Face to face visits

We are operating a ‘remote first’ model as this is the safest option for avoiding the spread of COVID-19. Where remote intervention is not possible or suitable for a client we will now endeavour to visit, pending an individual risk assessment.

We have issued guidelines and precautions to our therapy team making visits to ensure appropriate measures are taken to avoid transmission of COVID-19.

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