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Working with Construction companies

We work with construction companies throughout the UK to maximise efficiency on large regeneration and building projects. When prospective residents have additional needs our team provide timely assessments to ensure that work meets long-term clinical needs to project delivery deadlines.

Why use The OT Practice?

We understand the importance of prompt, reliable and high quality care when it comes to choosing occupational therapists for your projects. We offer:

  • A transparent, fixed-fee pricing structure with reductions for bulk referrals
  • An office-based client manager who is also an experienced OT, to work with you throughout the project and provide consistent communication and delivery
  • The largest nationwide network of private occupational therapists in the UK, ensuring we are able to provide expert therapists local to your project
  • A strict selection, interview and registration process for OT Practice therapists to guarantee only the highest standard of care
  • Set timescales for project deliverables such as assessments and reports with no waiting lists
  • A large network of relationships with major equipment suppliers
  • A straightforward online quotation and referral system
  • Specialist adult and paediatric client management and therapy teams
  • Reports that are always quality-assured by our client manager before delivery

Your projects

We appreciate the importance of a bespoke service that fits seamlessly with your other deliverables and work schedules, and so we have no one-size-fits-all packages - all our quotations and Statements of Work are tailored to your individual requirements.

With your approval, a dedicated in-house accounts team will provide management and administrative support to ensure the project is delivered on time and in budget.


Individual assessments

Our comprehensive assessments of residents with additional needs also contain specifications and drawings to ensure accurate communication of knowledge, so that installed fixtures meet both present and future needs.

Design consultation

Our housing team provide consultation services to construction companies engaged in new builds and renovation projects to ensure accessibility and compliance with all relevant legislation.

Our approach to working with construction companies

Having worked with construction companies for a number of years we have developed services to match their specific needs. There are three core elements we believe are critical to delivering exceptional service to construction companies and architect firms.

Our management team

From the point of initial enquiry, you will have an experienced, office based account manager as a single point of contact always available by phone or email, who will manage the project throughout to ensure the quality, consistency and timeliness of our service delivery.

Our processes & systems

We manage many cases at any one time and have hundreds of OTs working in the community so ensuring every case runs smoothly requires dependable processes and systems. We have refined our processes and invested in bespoke systems to provide the foundation to The OT Practice operations, always ensuring the experience for our clients is enhanced not encumbered by any processes or systems we use.

Our nationwide team of therapists

We have the largest team of private OT’s in the UK and all passed a strict selection, interview & registration process to ensure we only have the best therapists on our team. Clinical skills and experience are essential, but to become an OT Practice therapist our team members must demonstrate a track record of professionalism and the right attitude to customer service, as well as having an energetic and innovative approach.

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Some companies & organisations we have worked with

Bracknell Forest Council
Guildford Borough Council
Lawray Architects
Leicestershire County Council
Runnymede Borough Council
Plymouth City Council
Waverley Borough Council
Mole Valley District Council

Supplier agreements

If your team are likely to make multiple referrals then we would be happy to discuss how you might benefit from a more structured Service Level Agreement and to establish if there is any scope for volume discounts.

Can we help?

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Our client’s experience

When Grace was 22 years old she was involved in a serious road traffic accident. Her spinal cord was partially severed resulting in paralysis from her chest downwards. The OT Practice Housing & Equipment team worked with Grace to understand and achieve her goals.

Hear from Grace how OT helped her

Commonly asked questions by construction companies

Do you provide nationwide coverage?

We have a nationwide network of professionals, allowing us to pull together project teams from an extensive network in every region of the UK.

Find out more about the locations we cover and how our OT’s can help.

What project management systems do you operate?

Each project has a dedicated OT Practice project manager who is responsible for the smooth running and timely delivery. They are office based allowing them to be on the end of the telephone or email for any day to day queries. We have staged project monitoring meetings with the client and provide progress reports at pre agreed intervals. In addition all our projects are managed through our online and bespoke project management software that allowing the client access to monitor real live progress whenever they wish.

What size projects can you manage?

We have a large internal management and external therapy team to deliver all sizes of projects. We have experience in large regeneration projects requiring 500+ assessments and smaller one off assessments. Whatever your needs we are able to assist.

How many OT's do you use on a project?

We will use the number of OT's that we need to deliver the project on time and budget for the client.