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Working with Schools

Our paediatric team are skilled at providing occupational therapy services to both state and private schools nationwide. We work with individual or groups of children and with staff teams to ensure that pupils achieve to the best of their ability.

Why use The OT Practice?

We understand the importance of prompt, reliable and high quality care when it comes to choosing occupational therapists for your school. We offer:

  • An office-based client manager who is also an experienced occupational therapist, as a single point-of-contact to manage your referrals
  • The largest nationwide network of private children's occupational therapists in the UK, allowing us to match the right local therapist to your school.
  • A strict selection, interview and registration process for OT Practice therapists to guarantee only the highest standard of care
  • Clear timescales for delivery of assessment and report services with no waiting lists, allowing us to assess young people within seven days of referral
  • Multiple services to meet the needs of your school, whether for individual students or groups, staff training days or in-house OT support
  • A simple, transparent fee structure with discounts for whole-year contracts

OT Practice Kids

OT Practice Kids provides expert children's occupational therapy through a nationwide network of skilled paediatric therapists. We provide assessments and treatment to children at home or school, and work directly with solicitors, case managers, parents, LEAs and schools to deliver tailored services for each child. Your call will be answered by our dedicated client manager with over two decades experience as a senior paediatric therapist, who will support you throughout our involvement with your school.

Understanding your needs

  • We recognise that each school has different needs and varying budgets, and tailor our services accordingly
  • Our quotations and Statements of Work therefore reflect the needs of your own school community
  • A large, nationwide pool of experienced professionals allows us to select the suitable therapists for your location and requirements
  • Our in-house client manager will work with you at every stage, guaranteeing consistency and quality-assurance in every service we provide


Assessments & advice

Whether providing an assessment for a single child or a group of children with identified difficulties, our team deliver an interactive, engaging assessment programme that provides our therapists with all the information needed to respond to the challenges faced by each individual.

The assessment is followed by a detailed report, including recommendations and costed treatment programmes where necessary, and we can also provide training to parents, teachers and support staff.

Individual treatment

Following an initial functional assessment, our treatment plan will address the specific difficulties facing an individual child or young person.

  1. One-to-one treatment sessions

Our one-to-one treatment sessions focus on specific skill development at home and/or school. They are usually delivered in blocks of eight, allowing us to periodically review a child's progress and adjust our programme in light of this.

  1. Bespoke programmes, designed by us and delivered by you

Of course, not all children require the presence of a OT at every stage of their treatment, so we can devise bespoke programmes that incorporate activities throughout a child’s day, giving them increased opportunity to practice the techniques we develop we them.

  1. Techniques and strategies

These are provided as part of our therapist's assessment report, and provide practical advice to improve a child’s skills.

In addressing the school environment, the report may include strategies for teachers to improve a child’s classroom participation and learning, while for the home environment we offer various techniques to maximize independence and manage daily challenges.

Group treatment

We regularly work with schools looking to optimise their spending on therapy by offering group programmes for children identified as having similar difficulties, be they in the area of handwriting, gross or fine motor skills, balance or sensory processing.

Group programmes typically run for a half-term, with progress reports and action plans for home and school provided on conclusion.

In-service training

Whether on behalf of individual children or identified groups, we supply training to schools in specific strategies for facilitating independence in the classroom and beyond. These can be in the form of Inset, "twilight" or lunchtime sessions, or more comprehensive programmes spanning several days.

In-house therapy services

Working with many schools and nurseries throughout the UK to provide in-house OT services, we are experienced providers of ongoing therapeutic support, as well as temporary cover during periods affected by maternity, sick leave or staff shortages.

Educational, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Our team of paediatric therapists are experienced in the delivery of EHCPs, working with LEAs, schools and parents to ensure that high quality occupational therapy is available to all children for whom it is recommended.

Our approach to working with schools

Having worked with schools and LEAs for many years we have gained an excellent understanding of their occupational therapy needs and have tailored our services to match. There are three core elements we believe are critical to delivering an exceptional service to schools and young people they care for.

Our management team

From the point of initial enquiry, you will have an experienced, office based account manager as a single point of contact always available by phone or email, who will manage the project throughout to ensure the quality, consistency and timeliness of our service delivery.

Our processes and systems

We work with a large number of schools so it is imperative we have the systems and processes in place to ensure quality and attention to detail is never sacrificed. We achieve this by having robust processes we have developed and refine, including sophisticated bespoke systems that provide the logistical foundation to The OT Practice's operations.

Our nationwide team of therapists

We have the largest team of private OT’s in the UK and all passed a strict selection, interview & registration process to ensure we only have the best therapists on our team. Clinical skills and experience are essential, but to become an OT Practice therapist our team members must demonstrate a track record of professionalism and the right attitude to customer service, as well as having an energetic and innovative approach.

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Some companies & organisations we have worked with

Allenby Primary School
Baston House School
Britannia Education Trust
Daubeney Academy
Meridian High School
Riverwalk School
Sheringham Primary School
Culloden Primary School
Orleans Primary School
Springhallow School

Supplier agreements

If your team are likely to make multiple referrals then we would be happy to discuss how you might benefit from a more structured Service Level Agreement and to establish if there is any scope for volume discounts.

Client feedback

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Our client’s experience

Tahira’s daughter Safiyah was diagnosed with Autism at an early age. The diagnosis altered the family’s path and led to her being referred to us for OT support. The OT Practice Paediatrics team worked with her family to understand and achieve their goals.

Hear from Tahira how OT helped her family

Commonly asked questions by schools

Can you provide staff training?

We regulary provide training to staff (and/or parents) on a range of topics, including sensory processing, handwriting and behaviour strategies. These can be in the form of Inset, "twilight" or lunchtime sessions, or more comprehensive programmes spanning several days.

Can we refer directly to you?

Yes, our paediatric client managers (who are also expereicned OT's) are office based and are here to take your calls regarding any children that you feel would benefit from occupational therapy. Our referral process is a simple on line referral form that we will send you following your enquiry phone call.

Find out more about our paediatric service and how our OT’s can help.

Can we refer groups of children or just individuals?

Some of the challenges that children experience at school may well be shared by their class peers where as others maybe totally unique to them. We are able to accommodate both ensuring that school budgets are effectively spent. Our client managers can talk through your requirments and then send you a quote for you to consider.

Find out more about the conditions and problems our OT’s can help with.

Do you treat groups of children at a time?

Yes, if a number of children are experiencing similar difficulties then group treatment sessions can be a effective means to address this. This can also help to normalise the experience of therapeutic intervention, and make sessions more fun and interactive for the children.

Can you provide regular occupational therapy into our school?

Yes, our team work in a variety of ways with schools depending on their needs and budgets. We can come in to see an indfividual child, run a group programme, for one off training or to provide more structured support for one or several days per week.

Do you work with mainstream schools?

Our team work with all children no matter what their educational environment. We see children in very specialist schools, at home or in mainstream education.