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Lancashire, North West England


Master of Occupational Therapy (MOccTher)

Specialist skills

Motivational interviewing, Fatigue management, Routine planning, Financial management, Daily living skills, Community access, Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills, Visual perception, Planning & execution, Self care, Social integration, Anxiety management & relaxation, TBI

Specialising in Functional Rehabilitation and Housing & Equipment for adults and older adults, Carlie provides expert occupational therapy for clients with TBI and ABI conditions. She has worked internationally but is now based in Lancashire, visiting clients at home in Blackburn, Blackpool, Lancaster and Warrington, as well as areas of Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Carlie has worked across a number of clinical settings, including acute & forensic mental health, in-patient & community rehabilitation and psychogeriatric services. She specialises in working with clients with neurological and physical conditions, including dementia, stroke, and multiple sclerosis. Having worked in such different environments, Carlie has developed her core OT skill, including how to work as part of a team and the importance of including clients and their families within the rehabilitation process.

Carlie works with her clients to establish meaningful rehabilitation goals and develop a bespoke treatment plan. Carlie is also skilled in neurological rehabilitation, the provision of equipment and housing adaptations, fatigue management strategies, and return to work programmes. Carlie aims to help her client improve their quality of life and overall independence within their home and community.

Carlie is dedicated to her on-going education and professional development. She completed an Occupational Therapy MSc in 2016, focusing on the understanding of autonomy for people with dementia and how OT's enable autonomy for vulnerable clients.

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