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Information, interesting articles and announcements for all occupational therapists who are in private practice or interested in private practice.

Considering private work? Some food for thought…

Have you been tempted to undertake work as an independent OT but feeling unsure? In this short article we share some guidance for anyone considering the step and outline how we can support your journey.

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Enhancing our OT Network: Introducing our new OT Network Manager

As part of our program to transform the way we select and support our team of OTs, Emma has been appointed to the newly created role of OT Network Manager. As an experienced OT who has worked in private practice for many years, she will be instrumental in building our team of OTs and uniquely positioned to provide guidance and support to our new starters.

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INTERVIEW: Working with Case Managers

In John Ainscough’s interview, Victoria explains why private practices like The OT Practice offer case managers the therapeutic services they need.

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WEBINAR: The Importance of Good Clinical Reasoning

The OT Practice were delighted to be invited to join the speaker panel of Accora's recent webinar on the importance of clinical reasoning. In case you missed it...

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I give an honest insight into private practice and support therapists at every step - Sarah's story

After an extensive NHS career, Sarah decided to make the leap into private practice. Find out the main differences from working privately and what advice she would give to someone considering the move.

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How private practice has given me clinical variety - Alex's Story

Attracted to The OT Practice by a supportive office-based team, Alex enjoys having access to cases that have increased her clinical knowledge and confidence.

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Why part-time private practice works for me – Laura’s story

Would you like to achieve a better work-life balance? Hear from one of our neuro OT’s about how they have gained autonomy and flexibility by working independently.

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My move into independent practice after maternity leave - Jen’s story

After a period of maternity leave, Jen decided to venture into independent practice and joined The OT Practice therapy team. She now enjoys the flexibility of delivering excellent clinical care supported by our team of OT Client Managers.

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My journey into private practice - Kimann's story

Thinking about moving into private practice? Hear from one of our paediatric OT about why they made the transition from the public sector and what their experience was of making the switch to private work.

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The OT Practice Deliver Professional Excellence at their 2017 Conference

On 17th & 18th May 2017 The OT Practice held their latest therapist conference, which this year focused on ‘Delivering Professional Excellence’ - find out what people said about it...

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