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Each month we focus on a specialist area of occupational therapy and invite one of our experts within that field to share their knowledge and insights.

Ask the OTs: How The OT Practice is supporting the new RCOT Strategy

In January, the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) kickstarted 2022 with the announcement of their new strategy, values and brand. We’ve brought together members of our team to share their thoughts on the strategy and highlight how this reflects our own company vision.

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Self-Care and Mental Well-Being: Do we practice what we preach?

OT Claire specialises in enduring and complex mental health conditions. In this Expert Blog she shares her reflections, insights and advice on mental well-being, stress and resilience as a health professional.

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From Recovery to Record-Breaking Success: Tim's Story

Jo, one of The OT Practice’s expert Occupational Therapists, met her client Tim in 2018. In this article, she shines a light on Tim’s amazing story of recovery and his recent Guinness World Record success.

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Developmental Delays in Children during Lockdown

Tina is an expert Paediatric Occupational Therapist, she specialises in Sensory Integration and over the last year has helped many children with developmental delays. In this article, Tina shares her experiences of delivering remote therapy and shifting her focus onto coaching parents and carers.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Educational Needs of Children Born Prematurely

Catriona is one of our specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapists, helping children with complex needs and life limiting conditions. She is also the founder of a premature baby charity, supporting families following neonatal intensive care. In her article, Catriona highlights the educational needs of children born prematurely and the impact of COVID-19.

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Managing Long COVID: The Important Role of Occupational Therapy

Alison is one of The OT Practice’s expert Occupational Therapists who specialises in Fatigue Management. Here, Alison discusses how Long COVID is affecting our clients and shares some practical guidance for recovery and long-term fatigue management.

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Delivering care remotely: lessons learnt

With the status quo being challenged, we have experienced a new and enlightening perspective on the delivery of occupational therapy in the community. Nikki discusses 9 key benefits of delivering care remotely.

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Remote Services: Benefits to referrers

Rachel is an OT Practice Occupational Therapist specialising in Hand Therapy, who has been delivering care remotely to her clients since lockdown began. Here, Rachel shares her experiences and highlights specifically the benefits our referrers are seeing from remote intervention.

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Remote Services: Key lessons learnt transitioning to remote therapy intervention

Louise has been instrumental in helping us develop our Remote Services and is involved in our remote therapy training programme for our OT’s. Louise reflects on the impact of lockdown and some of the key lessons she has learnt about delivering therapy remotely.

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Remote Services: Enabling responsiveness and the difference it makes to children and their families

Jane is an OT Practice Occupational Therapist working with children and adults, who has helped develop and refine our service for the remote delivery of therapy. Here Jane gives us some insights on how to achieve a successful outcome from remote intervention and in particular how it enables therapist to be more responsive.

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