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Each month we focus on a specialist area of occupational therapy and invite one of our experts within that field to share their knowledge and insights.

How and when to source a children’s Occupational Therapist

Paediatric occupational therapy is a specialism of the profession where the OT is able to assess and treat the physical, mental and cognitive aspects of a child’s development. They look at the whole child to facilitate and support them and their family to achieve maximum independence and access the opportunities within the world around them.

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A professional’s guide to paediatric spinal injury

An OT can support a child that has experienced a spinal injury in all stages of their rehabilitation journey. This guide gives an overview of how Occupational Therapists can provide holistic assessments, treatments and advice to maximise independence and quality of life.

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FAQ’s for professionals - paediatric spinal injuries

Spinal injuries can lead to a variety of difficulties for children ranging from mobility to respiratory issues. In this FAQ our expert author explores what a spinal injury can involve for a child and their family, and how an Occupational Therapist can assist with rehabilitation programmes.

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Why we have OT’s as Client Managers at The OT Practice

The OT Practice founder Nikki talks about our commitment to providing excellent clinical care from the first time you contact us. We recognise the value of having office-based Occupational Therapists to oversee and support you and your clients from referral to discharge.

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A professional’s guide to static seating

This guide aims to provide insight into why and when a seating assessment should be commissioned. Additionally it provides information on how correct seating can be used within rehabilitation and the key factors considered within an assessment.

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Case Study: Static Seating

A road traffic accident left Jane heavily reliant on her husband and children for physical assistance. Following a seating assessment a static chair tailored to Jane's clinical needs was trialled and selected, allowing her to feel more able, independent and comfortable within her home.

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FAQ’s for professionals - static seating

Correct seating can dramatically increase a client's functional independence whilst reducing pain and fatigue. Where can chairs be purchased, and what features are most suited to a client's needs? Let our expert OT answer your questions in our latest FAQ.

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Case Study: Training

In this article Louise describes how she used training as part of her treatment programme with Rob during his rehabilitation following significant orthopaedic trauma. The case study brings to life how training can be an invaluable tool in a the rehabilitation journey.

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A professional’s guide to training

This guide has been written for professionals commissioning training services from one of our OT’s. The author, Louise, explains the different styles of training that occupational therapists can offer and how we tailor each programme to meet the client’s individual circumstances.

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FAQ’s for professionals - Training

Training programmes can range from a one off session to several hours of contact time. Our expert author has pulled together some of the questions we are asked by professionals when commissioning a training programme for their clients.

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