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Our Experts' blog

Each month we focus on a specialist area of occupational therapy and invite one of our experts within that field to share their knowledge and insights.

MHRA Bed Furniture Safety Alert: Navigating the journey to compliance

Paul, our Professional Head of Occupational Therapy, delves into some of the critical risk factors highlighted by the MHRA safety alert, exploring past experiences on bed rails risk assessments and The OT Practice's response to the alert as we support our clients navigating their journey to compliance.

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CHARITIES: Major Adaptations – Understanding the DFG

In the third instalment of our Educational Series for charities we focus on the Disable Facilities Grant for major home adaptations, providing foundation knowledge and exploring how it can be used to help beneficiaries.

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CHARITIES: Addressing basic needs - Minor aids and mobility solutions

In the second instalment of our Educational Series for charities we focus on addressing basic needs, exploring some of the common minor aids and mobility solutions an occupational therapist may recommend.

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CHARITIES: Introduction to OT – common difficulties and finding solutions.

In this first instalment of our Educational Series for charities we start with an introduction to Occupational Therapy, providing context to future topics in the series and explaining when occupational therapists should be involved in grant provisions.

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The Importance of Movement for Children With Disabilities

“Use it or lose it”, this is the fundamental conclusion of recent neuroscience studies, with the concept of neuroplasticity underpinning a new paradigm in rehabilitation. Literature highlights that in children, neuroplasticity capacity is at its highest and young children experience critical periods for brain development which rely on the interaction and input from their environments. Early intervention to facilitate this in children is key.

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What does 2023 hold for Alex, The OT Practice Brand Ambassador? Chapter 1

Alex Lewis is a quadruple amputee and The OT Practice’s Brand Ambassador. He is a leading campaigner and champion of independent living for those who have experienced life-changing limb difference. He recently visited our HQ in Hook to meet the team and update us on some of his latest projects.

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Come and Meet Me: Ashtons Brain Injury Case Management Conference, March 2023

Now that our diaries are quickly filling up with events once more, Aaron, our Client Relationship Manager for Case Management and Charities is looking forward to catching up with Case Managers across the UK.

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Ask the OTs: How The OT Practice is supporting the new RCOT Strategy

In January, the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) kickstarted 2022 with the announcement of their new strategy, values and brand. We’ve brought together members of our team to share their thoughts on the strategy and highlight how this reflects our own company vision.

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Self-Care and Mental Well-Being: Do we practice what we preach?

OT Claire specialises in enduring and complex mental health conditions. In this Expert Blog she shares her reflections, insights and advice on mental well-being, stress and resilience as a health professional.

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From Recovery to Record-Breaking Success: Tim's Story

Jo, one of The OT Practice’s expert Occupational Therapists, met her client Tim in 2018. In this article, she shines a light on Tim’s amazing story of recovery and his recent Guinness World Record success.

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