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Neurodiversity: A Professional Opinion

With the academic year commencing, it is important to remember that people with difference face challenges when returning to school or commencing university. How does Neurodiversity, a condition that has received an increase in conversation in recent months, affect students returning to school? Hear from our expert OT Lisa, as she answers how.

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The role of Alexa in clinical practice

There has been a significant growth in the mainstreaming of assistive technology over the last decade which has great advantages to the health care sector. More funding has gone into research and product development of this field, which has meant the selection of products on the market has grown whilst reducing the price of these devices. Find out more on how smart speakers such as Amazon's Alexa can aid clinical practice.

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Our YouTube channel is live

We are delighted to announce the launch of our YouTube channel. The first videos are focused on our paediatric developmental services. Told through OT Practice Kids clients and their families, we explain our ethos for working with children is to focus on resolving their difficulties not their diagnosis.

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