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Spinal injury

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Achievable Fatigue Management Techniques

Fatigue is something that is part of most of our client’s rehabilitation journeys. OT's work with clients to break down tasks & build strategic rehabilitation programmes whilst managing the need for rest & recuperation allowing clients to realise their goals & stretch their capabilities.

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Our Experts' Blog

A professional’s guide to paediatric spinal injury

An OT can support a child that has experienced a spinal injury in all stages of their rehabilitation journey. This guide gives an overview of how Occupational Therapists can provide holistic assessments, treatments and advice to maximise independence and quality of life.

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Our Experts' Blog

A professional’s guide to neurological occupational therapy services

This guide has been put together to assist Case Managers understand the services an occupational therapist with a neurology specialism can offer a person with neurological impairments.

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