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Commonly asked questions by paediatric OTs considering a move into private practice

Can I earn a regular income?

Yes. Our paediatric OTs often have more work available to them than they can accept, and receive excellent rates of pay. We have recently introduced some salaried roles as well as continuing to offer the flexibility of being self-employed, depending on your location. If you work hard in private practice the remuneration is certainly available.

Will I have to sort out my own insurance?

Yes. As an independent OT, you are required to have 'named' specific professional malpractice liability insurance, which you are responsible for arranging. The OT Practice team can provide advice and support on this.

Do I need to provide my own assessment tools?

Yes. You will need to provide and pay for the assessment tools you use within your therapy sessions. Many OT’s start in paediatrics with only the basics and The OT Practice do not have any expectation that you use a set battery, or even any standardised assessments. We expect you to have excellent clinical observation skills and be able to analyse and interpret them fully rather that relying on standardised assessment models. So don’t worry if you don’t have the resources initially, many OT’s buy small pieces of equipment over time as their work load and income allows.

How far will I have to travel?

This is largely up to you. The OT Practice will always try to offer you clients that are within your chosen location. It is normal for our OTs to travel up to one hour each way to visit a client, or even a number of clients within the same location.

What support will I receive?

From your very first day with The OT Practice, you will receive support from our team. We will help you get up and running as an independent OT; publishing your professional profile on our website, and introducing you to our office-based OTs who’ll provide you with expert clinical and business supervision. If you ever need advice about a case, client or method, or could simply do with getting a second opinion or some further ideas, you can contact our office-based OTs at any time. They will also review your reports so that you can have peace of mind whilst you will be an independent practitioner, you will still be part of a team that has a strong support and supervision structure.

There has never been a better time to join The OT Practice as an independent paediatric OT. If you have any other questions about working as an independent OT for The OT Practice, simply visit our join us page or contact us today on 0330 024 9910 /

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