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Connecting You at TOTP’s Networking Event

Last week we hosted our Elevate Your Practice Networking Event. This was an opportunity to bring together the country’s OT community from Newcastle to Cornwall, and for them to share insights from their experiences of good practice and discuss complex cases with members of our clinical team.

We believe coming together as a community and sharing our experiences, insights, knowledge and any challenges, helps us all work towards the best possible outcomes for our clients. It is important to us that our associates know that they aren’t isolated as independent practitioners. Instead, OTs are part of a supportive community where they are able to share their experience of journeying into private practice with those who attended the event that were interested in doing the same. We were also able to highlight the many benefits of stepping into private practice, like the support networks in place that enable private OTs to elevate their practice.

A good time was had by all, with many reluctant to leave as the event came to a close:

I met lots of lovely OTs at The OT Practice networking event. It was great to discuss how OT has made an impact on people’s quality-of-life, which makes me proud to be an OT. The OT Practice team is so supportive. They have helped me to develop my career and I feel energised in my practice. I am glad to be working in a way that fully utilises my holistic skills

The OT Practice Elevate Your Practice event was held at Resorts World, Birmingham. If you’re interested in attending a similar networking event in the future, please contact us at:

A few photos from the evening...

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