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How private practice has given me clinical variety - Alex's Story

Name: Alex
Specialisms: Acquired brain injury
Number of years as a qualified OT: 8
Length of time with The OT Practice: 18 months
Interests: Going out in London and cycling

What was your career before The OT Practice?

After qualifying in Australia and gaining my foundation neuro experience there, I moved to London and worked at the Blackheath Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre. I worked as a locum in the level-one brain injury unit for two years. I then gained some hand therapy experience before becoming Clinical Lead of OT.

My next role was as Lead OT for a neuro transitional team to help outpatients with support and rehab after they leave hospital. I was there for about 18 months, and then moved to the outreach team at Honiton Hospital where I now work part time as an Operations Manager whilst also working with The OT Practice.

Why did you move into private practice?

I felt there is a gap between what I could offer in the NHS can offer and what I want to provide as an OT. I am a big supporter of the NHS, and I fully believe in public healthcare, but a lack of funding does get in the way. If a client has had a complex brain injury, they need ongoing therapy or long-term brain injury management, and we were just not able to provide this in the NHS.

Why did you join The OT Practice?

I really liked that they had a big network and a supportive office based team. I was attracted to the fact they are well-established and well-recognised in my specialism of neurology area. Also, as a London-based neuro rehab OT, there is a lot of work available to me through The OT Practice.

What are the benefits of working with The OT Practice?

I like being able to bounce ideas off the office team whenever I am a bit stuck. I have also found that the variety of cases I have is excellent. I have received referrals that otherwise I wouldn’t necessarily have had access to which has been great for my clinical development.

What has been your favourite case so far?

My favourite case with The OT Practice has been a very delightful older lady, who was sadly loosing her sight from glaucoma. The case was challenging as it is not a standard case for a neuro OT but The OT Practice encouraged me to recognise that I had the transferrable skills. I really enjoyed the research I needed to do to fully understand her needs and to deliver the standard of report and recommendations expected by The OT Practice (and myself) and I feel that my clinical knowledge and confidence has now increased.

This lady was going through a very difficult stage in her life and the changes we introduced together really made a big difference.

What do you enjoy most about working independently?

I enjoy the flexibility of working to my own schedule. I like knowing that, if I need to have a day off in the week, then I can make up the time by working a couple of evenings instead.

To find out how you could become an independent Neuro OT with The OT Practice, like Alex, simply visit our join us page or contact us today on 0330 024 9910 /

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