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Alex Lewis introduces Project Limitless

by Sarah Doyle

Project Limitless is a charitable initiative that was launched in October 2020 by The Douglas Bader Foundation, in association with The Alex Lewis Trust, to create a more accessible world for those with limb differences. The campaign aims to help children with limb differences who may otherwise have difficulty accessing prosthetics and was welcomed by those experiencing long waiting lists for prosthetics during the pandemic.

Alex and his team originally set a target to provide as many UK children as possible, aged 3- 9, with a prosthetic arm, at no cost to the beneficiary. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the project has already helped more than 350 children and has since been extended to offer support to all those aged 18 and under.

The initiative has provided a prosthetic to a new beneficiary every day this year and there have been many stories of children partaking in activities that have now become possible, from using cutlery independently to bike riding, playing the guitar and drums, and paddle boarding.

Alex Lewis said: "Having access to a prosthetic can be life-changing for young people with limb differences, aiding independence and empowering them to live life to the full. Prosthetics can aid inclusion and independence, while supporting play, fun, exploration, and everything else a growing child may wish to do! I’m so proud to be involved with Project Limitless and to see it opening up new opportunities for young people across the UK."

Having made such a remarkable difference to so many young lives already, the project now wants to go even further in providing free prosthetic arms to hundreds more over the next twelve months.

Do you work with a child with limb difference who could benefit from the fantastic work the project is doing?

The service provider of the revolutionary new prosthetics, Koalaa, offers more than just an easy to wear, super light and soft to touch solution for children, they have created a sense of community with peer-to-peer support and holistic assessment solutions, designed to meet the changing needs of a growing child.

If you know of a child who might benefit from receiving a free prosthetic through the project, you can refer them by contacting:

To find out more and to hear some of the inspirational stories visit: or to learn more about the Douglas Bader foundation visit

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