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Surrey, South East of England


BSC occupational Therapy

Specialist skills

Fatigue management, Routine planning, Daily living skills, Community access, Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills, Visual perception, Balance, Co-ordination, Planning & execution, Self care, Postural management, Splinting, Wheelchair accreditation, TBI

Operating in Surrey and South London, and with over 15 years’ postgraduate experience, Jennifer specialises in Neurorehabilitation, Hand Therapy, Seating and Posture Management and Fatigue Management. Jennifer has worked in Stroke and Covid Rehabilitation, and with Head Injuries, Functional Neurological Disorder and long-term Neurological conditions (for example, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone disease, Spinal Cord injury) in community services, hospitals and care homes. Jennifer is committed to supporting a client’s independence; both at home and in the wider community; and does this by working closely with clients, their families and carers to develop individualised treatment plans. She can confidently prescribe a range of equipment to support engagement in everyday activities.

After qualifying in 2004, Jennifer held a number of positions within the Community Stroke and Neuro-Rehabilitation Team (CSNRT), from Specialist Occupational Therapist to Clinical Lead. At Imperial College London, Jennifer reviewed and updated OT department assessment documentation and set up and piloted therapeutic lunch groups. Similarly, in Ghana, Africa she volunteered on a project that supported the development of a Stroke service. Jennifer was involved in the development of other Stroke support programmes such as Life After Stroke: an upper limb rehabilitation group. Also, she has provided an OT service for a 50-bed long-term care unit that had an additional 20 respite beds and day care facility. She was nominated for the Outstanding Service award and featured in a BBC documentary.

Aside from completing a master’s degree in Clinical Research, Jennifer ensures she is continuing to develop as a clinician by regularly reviewing the latest research to ensure she is providing evidence-based treatment.

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