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Dupuytren's Contracture

Dupuytren's Contracture is a painless condition but one that can have an effect on every day activities. Small aids and practical advice as well as exercise programmes following surgery are all ways that an occupational therapist can help.

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What is Dupuytren's Contracture?

Dupuytren's Contracture affects the hand and fingers causing one or more fingers to bend inwards into the palm of the hand. It can affect one or more fingers, one or both hands and can occasionally affect the thumb. Dupuytren's Contractures occur when the connective tissue in the palm thickens leading to it shortening and pulling the fingers inwards. The condition is painless and can be treated.

What difficulties does Dupuytren's Contracture cause?

Our hands are an important part of our ability to perform the tasks required in our daily lives. If our hand function is reduced then simple activities can become difficult.

Activities such as:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Preparing meals
  • Using cutlery
  • Using keys and turning buttons
  • Writing
  • Using a computer

If you would like to learn more about how we as occupational therapists can help people overcome common difficulties associated with Dupuytren’s Contracture, you will find some useful links at the bottom of this page.

How can occupational therapy help with Dupuytren's Contracture?

Occupational therapists are skilled at helping clients overcome challenges that occur in every day life. Whether it be a reduced ability to use their computer leading to their work role being compromised or needing advice on small aids to help with washing and dressing, our specialist team are available to help.

How we can help

We aim to solve the difficulties associated with Dupuytren's Contracture. Some of the common ones we treat are listed below.

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