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Enhancing Quality & Learning: Our New Head of OT is Driving Excellence

by Paul Cooper, Professional Head of OT

Following my career as an OT and a leader in frontline practice in the NHS, adult social care and the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, I am delighted to now start working at The OT Practice. As thought leaders, The OT Practice are expanding the reach of the profession, giving more opportunities for the OTs to do what they trained to do. I have seen how frequently misunderstood and sometimes undervalued the work of OT is and I know how the pressures therapists are under affect the performance and well-being of OTs and the level of care they deliver. Fortunately, The OT Practice has a wide scope of work that OTs can learn from at any stage their career and the support structures in place that enable them to excel. My role will involve improving opportunities for our therapists to deliver high-quality care.

Our mission to continue to provide high-quality person-centred practice is a core part of my new role. I believe that working closely with our therapists continuing to review what we do, supporting people to work in new ways, demonstrating clinical ability and continuing to educate ourselves are all factors that help us achieve quality in our work. I will be working closely with our clinical leads and Learning Development Manager to provide support and opportunities for meaningful CPD – all of which, enable us to deliver holistic care.

Ensuring we continue our professional development as therapists, is key to maintaining quality, as well as meeting the requirements of our HCPC registration. Learning, for me, has never been about a tick-box exercise; it has always been something that has allowed me to grow and consequently share and apply that learning in the application of my work. One thing I am keen to do is expand the "What is CPD?" conversation, as well as support people to utilise that learning to enhance their work as part of the quality therapy we provide. Done well, this can really contribute to the impact that occupational therapy can have on our community.

My first step to embedding CPD into the everyday practice of OTs is to host a CPD webinar, open to all occupational therapists interested in learning about CPD best practices. I look forward to meeting OTs who would like to find out more

I am very early on in my role, but I am keen that through my work with colleagues and associates at The OT Practice, we will be able to demonstrate quality by encouraging OTs continuing desire to learn and their ability to adapt to new ways of working. By doing so, we can achieve strong relationships with our clients and fellow professionals, ultimately exemplifying the very best of occupational therapy.

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