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Our Sky Garden networking event in London: Thanks for coming!

by Sarah Doyle

The OT Practice held their first networking event of 2022 on Thursday 28th April at the iconic London Sky Garden. This highly anticipated event was a resounding success with an overwhelming turnout and highlighted the strong desire of others to meet people face to face once again. London was the first stop, the perfect venue for a spring evening and signals the beginning of an exciting time for The OT Practice in 2022.

Emma Foreman , OT network manager said, "Spring is always a great time to consider new beginnings, so it seemed like the perfect time to get out and about to meet our team and other OT’s who have an interest in the private practice. There is a large amount of innovation happening every day in the sector and the opportunities within the profession have never been more exciting. We look forward to travelling around the UK this year."

Whilst admiring the idyllic views of the London skyline, surrounded by beautiful greenery and live music, this was a fantastic opportunity for like-minded Occupational Therapy professionals to connect with The OT Practice clinical leadership team and share in their passion for the future of the independent sector.

Those invited to this exclusive event included OT Practice Associates who had travelled from across the UK and for some, this was the first time they had met the rest of the team in person. There was great excitement, resembling a game of ‘Guess Who’, as therapists and staff tried to match names to faces. One of the therapists said, “I’m living my best life” as she shared her enjoyment and fulfilment working alongside The OT Practice.

Joining them were experienced Occupational therapists from Liverpool, Wiltshire and as far South as Sussex who were keen to hear first-hand experiences of what it is like to transition into private practice. With the drinks flowing, everyone was engaged deep in discussion debunking the myths around the independent sector, listening to inspiring career stories, and reflecting on future aspirations.

As the sun set on the evening, an enjoyable time was had by all and guests left feeling "energised" and commented, "there’s so much more to the world of OT than my current role". The OT Practice team were complimented on the “extremely vibrant and friendly atmosphere” as the event drew to a close.

If you’re interested in joining us or attending one of our future networking events please contact Emma Foreman on

A few photos from the evening...

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