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Working with Paediatric case managers

We are regularly instructed by paediatric case managers to provide holistic OT services for children and their families. Our skilled paediatric team recognise the importance of building long lasting relationships of trust with all parties to ensure that we can assist in maximising a child's independence.

Why use The OT Practice

We understand the importance of prompt, reliable and high quality care when it comes to choosing occupational therapists to deliver paediatric services. We offer:

  • An office-based paediatric client manager who is also an experienced OT, as your central point of contact during your relationship with us
  • Transparent, fixed fees which are inclusive of travel costs
  • The largest nationwide network of private occupational therapists in the UK, all with at least five years' post-qualification experience covering all paediatric specialisms
  • A strict selection, interview and registration process for OT Practice therapists to guarantee only the highest standard of care
  • Robust timescales for the delivery of our assessment and report services, aiming to see clients within 7 days of referral
  • A secure project management system, with client access allowing you to monitor progress and performance
  • Monthly progress reports for ongoing interventions at no additional cost
  • Encrypted email systems for secure data exchange

OT Practice Kids

OT Practice Kids provides expert children's occupational therapy through a nationwide network of skilled paediatric therapists. We provide assessments and treatment to children at home or school, and work with solicitors, case managers, parents, LEAs and schools directly to deliver tailored services for each child.

Your call to us will be answered by our in-house client manager with more than two decades' experience working with children as a senior OT, who will support you throughout our involvement with you.


Bespoke assessments

Areas with which we commonly help children include housing, equipment, seating and splinting.

Our initial assessment package is the most common route for case management referrals, enabling us to gain a clear picture of a child's needs and how we can help. Subsequent to this we provide review or risk assessments as needed.

Treatment packages

Where appropriate we offer treatment in blocks of eight sessions across all specialisms. This allows us time to set goals for the child, work towards them and then review and plan the next steps, with our ultimate aim being to enable children and families to become independent.

For complex cases, we can provide quotations for intervention over a 6 or 12-month period on request. Since our goal is to maximise client independence, we only recommend treatment for as long as strict clinical grounds would justify.

Carer training

Provision of training for family and carers in specific areas identified through our assessments is a service we frequently provide to case managers.

Whether in moving & handling, use of specialist equipment or sensory techniques, our aim is to enable the child and their care team to become as safe and independent as circumstances allow.

Equipment provision

Our team are skilled in identifying and recommending equipment that maximises a particular child's independence. Where smaller items are necessary we can advise on the make, model and approximate cost for ease of ordering.

For larger or more costly pieces of equipment such as hoists or specialist chairs, and particularly for bespoke items, we may recommend a trial period to determine their suitability. Where necessary, our OT or another clinician will be present to ensure that correct specifications are given and costly mistakes are avoided.

Property finding & reviews

We regularly work with or on behalf of case managers to source suitable rental or purchase property for clients, and where necessary we advise on adaptations needed for it to be suitable as a home.

Case transitions

We regularly care for children moving from other practices, mindful that they are likely to have programmes already in place. We can review their circumstances without the costs of a full new assessment, and work collaboratively with you towards a cost-effective OT solution.

Our approach to working with paediatric case managers

Through working with paediatric case managers for many years we have gained a thorough knowledge of their specific needs and have tailored our services to match. There are three core elements we believe are critical to delivering exceptional service to case managers.

Our client managers

From your initial enquiry to discharge you will have an experienced, office based paediatric OT as your point of contact to manage your cases and ensure quality, consistency and timeliness. Firstly they will aim to fully understand the needs for each referral and recommend how to proceed base on sound clinical knowledge, working with you to select the most appropriate OT in our team to provide care.

Our processes & systems

We manage hundreds of cases at any one time and have many OTs working in the community working with children and young people so ensuring every case runs smoothly requires dependable processes and systems. We have refined our processes and invested in bespoke systems to provide the foundation to The OT Practice operations, always ensuring the experience for our clients is enhanced not encumbered by any processes or systems we use.

Our nationwide team of therapists

We have the largest team of private OT’s in the UK and all passed a strict selection, interview & registration process to ensure we only have the best therapists on our team. Clinical skills and experience are essential, but to become an OT Practice therapist our team members must demonstrate a track record of professionalism and the right attitude to customer service, as well as having an energetic and innovative approach.

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Some companies & organisations we have worked with

Bush & Company Rehabilitation
Proclaim Care
Family Focused Case Management
Tania Brown
Fashion, Textile, Childrens Trust
Newlife Charity

Next steps

Initial consultation

The referrals we receive from case managers vary in terms of the specialist area of occupational therapy required and the scale and complexity of involvement needed. If you would like to make a referral, or just an enquiry, then one of our client managers (who will also be an experienced OT) will be able to establish with you the right therapist for your location and requirements.


Once our client manager has established your needs, you would then be sent a quotation detailing the actions we propose and the associated fee. All our fees are fixed, transparent and inclusive of travel costs. If further work might be required in the future then we would also provide as much detail about this as we can to inform your future costings.


Once you have had time to consider the options and costs, and if you would like to proceed, the next step would be our online referral form. Of course, if you would like guidance on completing the form, or if you have any other questions at that time, our client manager will always be available to assist.


Completed in a child's home or at school, we would arrange to visit on a day and time that suits them to complete our collaborative assessment process. The aim is to identify areas of difficulty, provide immediate initial advice where possible, and gather the information needed to highlight risks and inform our recommendations. You would then receive a detailed written report, reviewed and delivered by our client manager.

Report & recommendations

Our reports are professional, concise and jargon-free. We provide a clinical analysis of our observations and any professional judgements made, highlighting risks and making clear recommendations for addressing them in the context of the child's individual goals. Where additional intervention is recommended, this is clearly costed and followed up with a detailed quotation to ensure you are able to come to an informed decision.

Treatment & interventions

Our treatment packages are typically delivered in blocks of eight, which allows for a review or rest period between treatments if needed. We set initial goals which are reviewed towards the end of the sessions, allowing us to revise our plan and goals if necessary. We only recommend treatment for as long as we feel clinically necessary, our aim being to make your client independent of us rather than dependent upon us. If ongoing professional support is needed for more complex recommendations then these will be fully quoted in advance for you to approve, and monthly progress reports provided at no extra cost.

Supplier agreements

If your team are likely to make multiple referrals then we would be happy to discuss how you might benefit from a more structured Service Level Agreement and to establish if there is any scope for volume discounts.

Client feedback

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Our client’s experience

Tahira’s daughter Safiyah was diagnosed with Autism at an early age. The diagnosis altered the family’s path and led to her being referred to us for OT support. The OT Practice Paediatrics team worked with her family to understand and achieve their goals.

Hear from Tahira how OT helped her family

Commonly asked questions by paediatric case managers

How do you recruit and vet your team?

All our OTs are subject to a rigorous interview and selection process prior to joining us. We require a minimum of five years post-qualifying experience as well as membership of The College of Occupational Therapists. We hold copies of all relevant documentation, including DBS, HCPC and professional body registration certificates.

Find out more about our therapy team and how we maintain our quality.

What sort of cases do you see?

We see children with a wide range of needs, from those with handwriting difficulties to children with cerebral palsy requiring a package of housing, seating, equipment and ADL support.

Find out more about the conditions and problems our OT’s can help with.

What geographical areas do you cover?

We have a nationwide network of therapists, so whether you require a hand therapist for a child in Birmingham or a seating expert in the London area, we can help.

Find out more about the locations we cover and how our OT’s can help.

Do you provide evening and weekend appointments?

Yes, we recognise that the working or school day is not always convenient, and so offer evenings or weekend appointments if needed.

Can your team travel overseas?

Yes, our paediatric team have experience of travelling to Europe, the Middle East and America to assess and treat children.

Find out more about how we work with international clients

Where do you assess and treat children?

We do not run clinics, but visit children and their families at home or school wherever possible, on a date and time that is convenient for them.

In our experience this is by far the best environment in which to accurately assess the difficulties they experience in daily life, in a space in which they are also likely to be most relaxed.

Are you able to provide me with a choice of therapist for my client?

If you wish we can email a selection of suitable clinicians, with details of their professional backgrounds, for you and your client to choose from.

I am looking for a paediatric therapist with specific postgraduate qualifications and experience. Can you help?

Yes. Our paediatric client manager will be able to discuss your specific case requirements and advise you on the most suitable and qualified therapist to work with the child.

Do you offer ‘meet and greets’?

We welcome these opportunities, which allow you, the child and their family the opportunity to meet the therapist we recommended to ensure the match is the right one.

How long will a paediatric OT assessment last?

Because we charge a fixed fee rather than an hourly rate, we are not working by the clock during the assessment process.

We spend as much time with a child and their family as necessary to gather all the information required to inform our assessment. At the same, we view the process as a consultative one, so it is also an opportunity for us to provide initial advice parents or carers as necessary.

What happens if the family do not feel the allocated OT is right for their child and family?

Our client managers (who are themselves OTs) are experienced in matching your clients with the right occupational therapist based on their clinical need and location.

But they also recognise that successful therapeutic outcomes depend not only on expertise but the right personal rapport, and so if a change of therapist is necessary for whatever reason then we will ensure this happens as promptly and seamlessly as possible.

How can I be confident that your clinical records are secure and reliable?

We use a secure, cloud-based computer system which complies with all data protection legislation to store our clinical records.

How can I be sure the OTs recommendations are essential for meeting my client’s requirements?

All reports written by our OTs are checked by our client managers, who are themselves paediatric OTs. The report and recommendations are checked thoroughly for clinical reasoning to ensure that the client’s needs are being addressed in the most appropriate way.

How can I be sure that the fund holder approves funding before any follow-up work is carried out?

Our case management system has been specifically designed to address this issue. As a result, all work needs to be authorised on the system before being allocated to an OT to complete.

Would your OT be able to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, alongside other professionals working with the child and family?

Our OTs often work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team towards the best possible outcome for the child, including providing joint assessment and treatment sessions, or attending appointments or meetings on behalf of the team.

My client requires housing adaptations. Would an independent therapist be able to apply for a DFG?

Yes, we regularly work with local councils to access DFG funds, and can carry out assessments, apply for DFGs and follow through on recommendations once the work is approved.

Find out more about our specialisms and how our OT’s can help.