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Client Testimonial: Mrs H. R.

Mrs H. R has a number of health conditions that impact her day-to-day life and in 2019 was referred to The OT Practice by her local authority. Following the initial assessment for a broken shower chair, several other items of equipment were recommended to ensure Helena was safe. Our OT Elizabeth worked with Helena to implement and review equipment to ensure that her goals were met. We are now able to share our client's kind words to our OT Elizabeth.

“We feel that you completely simplified things for us by showing us that the process of obtaining much needed equipment doesn’t need to be so daunting and difficult to do. This sounds simple but it means so much to ensure my confidence. You took the time to listen to both the carer and client, and were sure to understand the needs of our household so that we felt important and cared for. Your ability to make us feel unique and special in this way made speaking with you about some of the more awkward aspects of my care easier. Previously, I have been overwhelmed by it all so thank you for making us feel like we mattered.

Thankfully now I have a safe working new bed with a turning mattress and a new pressure relief mattress so I’m able to sleep at night without a bleeping alarm and a loose squeaking bed. I also have a fully working over toilet shower commode chair so that carers can push me into the wet room more easily. Thank you for making our experience much less stressful. You are an asset to your team. You managed to help me over and above the job in progress because you cared. Nothing ever seemed too much trouble for you to try and achieve which I know is not always easy. My husband has asked that I mention that anybody who gets Elizabeth as their occupational therapist is extremely lucky as she’s really good at her job and sees it through from start to finish. You have been amazing. We fully appreciate all your hard work and effort. We are so grateful for you.”

- Mrs H. R. (client from Oct 2019 – Jan 2023)