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Radio 5 Live interview with our Paediatric Client Manager: Handwriting

In a recent report by the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, it was suggested that there are a number of different ways to grip a pencil when writing. When Radio 5 Live presenter Tony Livesey compared his writing technique to that of his colleagues, it triggered the question ‘Is there a wrong and right way to hold a pencil?’ Our Handwriting expert, Paediatric Client Manager and Occupational Therapist Sarah Stagg talks about different pencil grips and how it can affect us when writing.

Our Paediatric Client Manager Sarah was invited by Tony Livesey on Radio 5 Live to discuss the topic of handwriting to help answer the question 'how should we hold our pen?'.

Listen to the full Radio 5 Live interview here

Our handwriting experts have put together a package to help those with finding writing a challenge.

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