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FAQ’s for professionals - Training

How can The OT Practice help with training sessions for clients?

The OT Practice has a large network of occupational therapists throughout the UK with enormous experience of training within their daily roles. We are therefore likely to be able to recommend an OT with precisely the necessary clinical expertise relevant to your individual client, ensuring that any training programmes or interventions recommended will be both clinically effective and cost-efficient.

What would follow an initial phone call to The OT Practice?

A prospective training programme would usually begin with an initial conversation to determine the skills or knowledge required. A functional assessment of your client might then, with your agreement, be arranged to determine their personal goals, health and safety, prior to any additional training you may then wish to arrange.

This initial assessment would allow an OT, in conjunction with you and your client, to plan a bespoke training programme. This may entail one or more sessions according to need and would be discussed and agreed with you prior to the programme being agreed.

Once a Training Package was agreed, how would it move forward?

When a suitable training programme is agreed, an OT would then take clinical responsibility for its implementation while routinely updating the case manager via their preferred communication method.

On completion of the training package the client might then, if appropriate, be discharged. A robust final report is forwarded to yourself detailing the training provided. Alternatively, if further rehabilitation is required, then new therapeutic goals would be established following the same transparent process.

What will a Training Package cost?

The costs of any training package depend on the extent of an individual client’s and or carer’s needs and the kinds of interventions required. All costs will be agreed with you prior to any programme being implemented. This will guarantee you control over your costs, and ensure you and your client receive the service within the budget available. We understand the budgetary constraints facing case managers, and the necessity for forward-planning and transparency in costs. For further details of the likely costs of a vocational rehabilitation programme provided by The OT Practice, please call us on 0330 024 9910 to discuss your specific requirements with one of our Client Managers.

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