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Tuesday 22nd March 2022: Visit from Steve Ford, RCOT Chief Executive

The OT Practice were proud to welcome Steve Ford, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT), to their Head Office in Hook, Hampshire. The OT Practice, established in 2010, is a leading provider of Occupational Therapy services across the UK and NI successfully serving clients from a variety of sectors. Their nationwide associate network of over 250 independent occupational therapists makes them the largest in the UK. This was a fabulous opportunity to refresh the conversation and collaboration with RCOT about independent practice in light of the new five-year strategy launched in January.

Nikki Thompson, Executive Director of The OT Practice, said:

“It’s been a real pleasure to have had Steve here today and I am really excited about the opportunities for collaboration between the two organisations. Our support for RCOT and desire to promote independent practice will continue throughout 2022 and beyond.”

During the day, Steve was introduced to representatives from The Royal British Legion, public sector commissioners and met numerous OTs, both associates and employed by The OT Practice.

Steve heard presentations from Clinical Managers demonstrating the impact of our services on individuals, organisations, and beneficiaries from the many charities we work with and later engaged in a lively Q&A with our associate OTs. Here is what Steve reflected on at the end of the day:

“I’ve been really impressed with the scale of the organisation and the fact you have a real focus on standards, quality and overall professionalism. I’ve really enjoyed meeting a range of OTs, they’ve all been so passionate about the work they do for The OT Practice and have been very open and happy to talk about it with me.”

When asked if he has any words of support to therapists transitioning in to the independent sector, Steve responded with the following:

“RCOT are here for every OT. The independent sector is thriving and will continue to grow. RCOT wants to support all our members and I was pleased to see examples of innovation in practice today.”

The office-based team and visiting associate OTs were delighted to have the opportunity to meet with Steve. One OT commented:

“I am so proud to have met Steve today. He seems genuinely interested in the future of the independent sector and the opportunities for OTs within it”.

Amanda David, an associate at The OT Practice, said:

“Thank you very much for the invitation today. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and being surrounded by others who are also very passionate about OT and the role we play in healthcare and helping others. It was good to meet Steve and I hold high hopes that he can help to propel our profession into new heights!”

Scroll through the pictures below to follow Steve's visit:

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